PrintHead of the Occoquan 2013 Saturday - Affiliation View

AffiliationNameAgeLane / BowRaw TimeFinal TimeDifference
02H. WOMEN'S YOUTH 1X - 11:10 AM - FINAL
OLD DOMINION BOAT CLUBM CLEARY1513122:47.5522:47.55 
OLD DOMINION BOAT CLUBR GEHRING1712522:49.9622:49.9602.42 (0.18%)
OLD DOMINION BOAT CLUBS BEOUGHER1712823:18.2923:18.2930.74 (2.25%)
OLD DOMINION BOAT CLUBK MCCLARY1613523:59.8323:59.8301:11.54 (5.23%)
OLD DOMINION BOAT CLUBK PICKUP1713325:02.1025:02.1002:14.55 (9.84%)
OLD DOMINION BOAT CLUBA BENDER1513827:11.3627:11.3604:23.81 (19.29%)

The cox's name is used for all boats larger than two persons. Otherwise, the person located in the first or second seat is used.