PrintHead of the Riverfront 2017 - Affiliation View

AffiliationNameAgeLane / BowRaw TimeFinal TimeDifference
04. WOMEN'S OPEN 8+ - 9:20AM - FINAL
WPI CREWM HEALEY204815:56.1315:56.13 
WPI CREWM BURKE195517:22.6217:22.6201:26.6 (9.06%)
WPI CREWL NAIDOO195817:36.7617:36.7601:40.75 (10.54%)

23B. WOMEN'S OPEN 4+ - 1:45PM - FINAL
WPI CREWM HEALEY2035719:01.6719:01.67 
WPI CREWL BOCCIO1936720:22.3720:22.3701:20.37 (7.04%)
WPI CREWM BURKE1937020:29.1520:29.1501:27.48 (7.66%)
WPI CREWL NAIDOO2036220:50.9820:50.9801:49.32 (9.58%)

The cox's name is used for all boats larger than two persons. Otherwise, the person located in the first or second seat is used.