Center City Slam 2019
Event Dates: 2/9/2019
The Center City Slam is a 2000 meter indoor rowing race held at the Armory on 33rd Street. Events will be held for men and women, from juniors through veterans.

We recommend arriving at least one hour prior to the scheduled start time for your events. Events that are not full may be combined to shorten the day which will affect race times.

Please Note: The early-bird discount will end after 12/31/18. The Deadline for Registration is FEBRUARY 6th. The registration fee WILL increase after 2/3. Please register on-line before the deadline. There will be no guarantee of a race for walk-ins on day of event.

Please visit for more up-to-date info.
Sponsored by:
   Center City Slam, LLC.
Contact Info:
   P: (856) 452-1251
Registration Deadline:

Today passed on 12/19/2018 12 days until Early Registration Close Date on 12/31/2018 46 days until Late Fee Date on 2/3/2019 49 days until Entry Close Date on 2/6/2019 52 days until Start Date on 2/9/2019
12/19/2018 Past Date Past Date, Future Date Future Date, Active Date Active Date 2/9/2019
Description Fee Quantity
Men's Events
  Boys Youth under 14 $10.00
  Men's Collegiate Novice $10.00
  Men's High School Lightweight $10.00
  Men's High School Novice $10.00
  Men's High School Openweight $10.00
  Men's Masters A (30-39) $10.00
  Men's Masters B (40-49) $10.00
  Men's Masters C (50-59) $10.00
  Men's Masters D (60+) $10.00
  Men's Open $10.00
  Men's Open 500 Meter Dash $10.00
  Men's Open Lightweight $10.00
Women's Events
  Girls Youth under 14 $10.00
  Women's Collegiate Novice $10.00
  Women's High School Lightweight $10.00
  Women's High School Novice $10.00
  Women's High School Openweight $10.00
  Women's Masters A (30-39) $10.00
  Women's Masters B (40-49) $10.00
  Women's Masters C (50-59) $10.00
  Women's Masters D (60+) $10.00
  Women's Open $10.00
  Women's Open 500 Meter Dash $10.00
  Women's Open Lightweight $10.00




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