Resilient Rowing Club - 2020 Junior Summer Rowing
Event Dates: 6/1/2020

Virtual Training Program for Rowers

What is it?
A ten-week online rowing training program to further develop athletes rowing ability off the water. Each rower shall receive weekly emails from coaches with detailed workouts and will be required to record their progress using an online shared sheet. Rowers will connect with their teammates and coaches twice per week via Zoom. On Mondays, this meeting will be in a smaller group and will serve as a check-in on how everyone is doing, how training is progressing, etc. On Fridays, this meeting will include the entire team and will focus on educational topics such as: understanding training, comparing rowing styles, navigating college recruiting, and other best practices to increase the athletes' fundamental knowledge base. There will also be technique review opportunities through analysis of individual erg video and previously recorded on-the-water technique. This program will most importantly keep individual rowers socially connected to a team while social distancing is necessary and better prepare rowers for the eventual return to normal rowing activities.

Who is it for?
This program is designed for rowers who are rising 9th graders and older with previous rowing experience. These rowers shall continue to develop their rowing specific fitness, increase their fundamental understanding of the sport of rowing, and stay connected with their team for increased accountability while on-the-water rowing is not permissible. Rowers shall be divided into small working groups to provide a smaller coach to athlete ratio following the first two weeks of training and previous rowing experience.

When is it?
June 1st - August 8th (**Note: If it becomes possible to resume on-the-water rowing this summer, then Resilient Rowing will likely offer other rowing opportunities but will continue to deliver the virtual training plan through the end of the 10-week period.)

How much is it?
$250 plus all respective credit card and online processing fees
Sponsored by:
   Resilient Rowing Club
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Rowing Programs
  Virtual Training - Boys Team: June 1st - August 8th $257.00 Online Registration Closed
  Virtual Training - Girls Team: June 1st - August 8th $257.00 Online Registration Closed




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