Coastweeks Regatta 2017
Event Dates: 9/17/2017

  Below is listed the schedule for Coastweeks Regatta 2017. Please note that this schedule is subject to change at any time at the event director's discretion.

0 Online Registration Deadline is 09/13/2017 at 11:59 PM
0 Registration Check In 06:00 AM
0 Coxswains/Scullers Briefing 06:30 AM
0 Begin Launching 07:00 AM
1a Men's Open 1X 07:30 AM
1b Men's Masters 1X 07:30 AM
1c Men's Veterans 1X 07:30 AM
1d Men's Open and Master/Vet Recreational 1X 07:30 AM
1e Men's Youth 1X 07:30 AM
2a Women's Open 1X 08:00 AM
2b Women's Masters 1X 08:00 AM
2c Women's Veterans 1X 08:00 AM
2d Women's Open and Master/Vet Recreational 1X 08:00 AM
2e Women's Youth 1X 08:00 AM
3a Men's Open 2X 08:30 AM
3b Men's Master/Vet 2X 08:30 AM
3c Men's Youth 2X 08:30 AM
4a Women's Open 2X 09:30 AM
4b Women's Master/Vet 2X 09:30 AM
4c Women's Youth 2X 09:30 AM
5a Adaptive Men's 1X 10:00 AM
5b Adaptive Women's 1X 10:00 AM
5c Adaptive Men's 2X 10:00 AM
5d Adaptive Women's 2X 10:00 AM
5e Adaptive Mixed 2X 10:00 AM
6a Men's Open 4X & 4+ 10:30 AM
6b Men's Master/Vet 4X & 4+ 10:30 AM
6c Men's Youth 4X & 4+ 10:30 AM
7a Women's Open 4X & 4+ 11:00 AM
7b Women's Master/Vet 4X & 4+ 11:00 AM
7c Women's Youth 4X & 4+ 11:00 AM
8a Mixed Open 4X & 4+ 11:30 AM
8b Mixed Master/Vet 4X & 4+ 11:30 AM
9a Mixed Open 2X 12:00 PM
9b Mixed Master/Vet 2X 12:00 PM
9c Mixed Youth 2X 12:00 PM
0 Please note that the starting time for each of the five event flights is approximate and will be ultimately determined by the number of entries in each flight, as well as logistics and weather conditions. N/A




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