Riverfront Recapture - 2016 A.M. Beginner Sweep
Event Dates: 6/1/2016

How do I sign a universal waiver for an event?

You have two waiver options!

Signing a waiver has never been easier! Instead of filling out one waiver for every event you attend now you can sign your rowing waiver once via rowingwaiver.com. To sign a waiver, simply follow these three steps:

Option 1.
Have your rowers sign waivers via www.rowingwaiver.com With this system, you can have your rowers indicate on their waiver that you are their coach or team rep and their waiver signature will automatically be noted on your MyRONIN Roster. We will then notify event directors of that signature.

Option 2.
Have your rowers sign via the USRowing web site. For coaches or team managers, you will need to note that an athlete signed via the USRowing system on your MyRONIN Roster. Again, once a waiver is noted as signed we will notify the event director for you.

Most Common Questions asked by Athletes, Team Representative and Parents

Do I need to sign both waivers?
No. Although many athletes do register with both waivers systems. Either way, as long as they are noted correctly on your roster, we will notify the event director of the option you selected to the event director

How can I tell if I signed a rowingwaiver.com?
You can check it here at any time! Check Here Waiver Search

How can I tell if I signed a waiver via USRowing?
You can check at any time via right here: www.usrowing.org

Do I need a unique email address to sign a waiver?
Yes, EACH athlete must provide a unique email address and cannot re-use an email address previously used by another athlete or family member.

Do I need to include coach or team representative information when signing with rowingwaivers.com?
No, but it is very helpful. When you include your team representative or coaching contact information we automatically add you to their roster. Again, it is not required but it is very helpful.

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