Carolina Masters Crew Club 2019 Learn to Row
Event Dates: 8/7/2019

This season Carolina Masters Crew Club will be offering co-ed lessons for individuals 18 years and older. These lessons are for sweep rowing (holding one oar) in a boat for 8 rowers. Lessons will be held at University Lake in Carrboro. You will receive detailed, on-the-water instruction from experienced rowers and coaches regarding equipment, safety, and technique.

A minimum of 3 participants are needed to have a successful session. Sessions with less than 3 participants 48 hours before the date will be cancelled and registration fees refunded. Each session chosen will cost $45.

The dates and times of all sessions are as follows:

Session 11: August 7 - Wed 6-8PM

Session 12: August 10 - Sat 6-8PM

Session 13: August 18 - Sun 6-8PM

Session 14: August 25 - Sun 6-8PM

No previous rowing knowledge or experience is needed. Please note, however, the following requirements:
1) You must have at least a moderate level of fitness that allows you to engage in moderate physical activity.
2) For safety purposes, you must be able to swim.
3) You must be able to lift 40 lbs. above your head and then carry the 40 lbs continuously over your head for 75 yards. Carrying a 8-person boat requires this strength.
4) You should be able to stand up from a full squat, as getting into and out of a boat demands this strength.
5) You must commit to all the lesson dates for which you registered. As this sport is reliant on the participation of all the members of the boat (4 or 8), we are unable to offer make-up lessons if you cannot attend on the scheduled date.

Seats will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable should you have to cancel for any reason, unless we are able to register another individual in your spot 48 hours prior to the lesson (less a $15 registration fee).

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   Carolina Masters Crew Club
Description Fee Quantity
Adult Rowing Programs
  Session 13: August 25 Sun - from 6-8PM $45.00




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