Twin Cities Youth Rowing - 2019 Spring Program
Event Dates: 4/1/2019

Program Description:
Welcome to rowing, America's oldest organized sport. For 160 years, rowing has provided Americans a healthy and lifelong fitness and competitive activity. Modern rowing includes juniors, university, Olympic and masters competition. Junior rowing is quite new to Minnesota, but the state has had an active rowing community for well over 100 years, and Minnesotan Olympians have represented the USA on many occasions.

NEW rowers are welcome to register for the spring season (as space allows) AFTER attending an Information Session or by receiving this information from There are specific safety and conduct codes that we want to make sure ALL new participants understand before joining the crew. New Winter and current TCYR members will receive priority for Spring registration. New Spring members must be at least 14 years of age by the end of the calendar year or graduating 8th grade this summer, per club by-laws.

For returning rowers, spring is our main competitive season. Spring season culminates with our championship event: the Midwest Junior Rowing Championships in Cincinnati. This year's championship is on May 18th and 19th. The championship hosts over 800 rowers from 33 clubs throughout the Midwest in 40 different classes and categories, and is a qualifier for the US Youth Nationals held in early June. Registration and fees for the Midwest Junior Championships will be collected via a separate registration at a later date.

All rowers will train indoors until the docks go in at Bryant Lake and water temps are within safety criteria. Novices (athletes new to rowing this year) will take to the water as conditions permit and all safety criteria are met.

Success in rowing is achieved by combining technical instruction, skills improvement, and functional fitness. Our practices address all three components in a fast-paced, fun environment where a premium is placed on effort and accountability.

Our workouts consist of:
  • Instruction in rowing technique and racing skills
  • Cardiovascular work on Concept2 rowing machines
  • Core-specific strength and stability regimen
  • Customized strength and conditioning regimen per squad designed to
    • Prevent chronic injuries due to fatigue and overuse through cross-training methods
    • Increase strength in rowing-specific movements with age-appropriate equipment
    • Improve functional fitness via Crossfit principles
    • Increase power output through plyometrics and sprint training

Program dates run April 1st through May 24th. Practices are Monday - Friday from 4:15pm - 6:15pm and Saturdays from 7:00am - 9:00am.

To register for the competitive team, you must have completed 8th grade, or you will be 14 years old by 12/31/19. If you have not participated in a previous 2019 competitive season, you must register for the 2019 Annual Membership AND the 2019 Spring Competitive Program. Please click on our Code of Conduct to review the team's expectations and review the Billing Policy prior to completing your registration.

Registration open through Friday March 29, 2019 @ 11:59pm Central.

Sponsored by:
   Twin Cities Youth Rowing Club
Contact Info:
Description Fee Quantity
Rowing Programs
  01. Varsity Men - Pay in Full $550.00
  02. Varsity Men - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 4/12; $188 on 4/26 $188.00
  03. Returning Summer/Fall 2018 Novice Men - Pay in Full $550.00
  04. Returning Summer/Fall 2018 Novice Men - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 4/12; $188 on 4/26 $188.00
  05. New Spring 2019 Novice Men - Pay in Full $550.00
  06. New Spring 2019 Novice Men - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 4/12; $188 on 4/26 $188.00
Rowing Programs
  07. Varsity Women - Pay in Full $550.00
  08. Varsity Women - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 4/12; $188 on 4/26 $188.00
  09. Returning Summer/Fall 2018 Novice Women - Pay in Full $550.00
  10. Returning Summer/Fall 2018 Novice Women - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 4/12; $188 on 4/26 $188.00
  11. New Spring 2019 Novice Women - Pay in Full $550.00
  12. New Spring 2019 Novice Women - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 4/12; $188 on 4/26 $188.00




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