Twin Cities Youth Rowing - 2019 Summer Program
Event Dates: 6/10/2019

Program Description:
Summer, oh sweet Summer... what can we say, but SUN'S OUT, GUNS OUT!

This is our "fun" season, where the varsity (rowers with at least one season of on-the-water rowing experience) are enjoying the rewards of six months' worth of fitness, and we welcome our largest novice class of the year! Novices are those rowers who are brand new to rowing. Summer practices are in the morning, so that our rowers have the rest of the day to go about the rest of their lives (sometimes it's a job, sometimes it's hanging out and helping with the rest of our summer programs!)

Varsity rowers will have an opportunity to do things not available during the other seasons: perfect their skills rowing on the "wrong" side, practice advanced balance drills, and run safety/rescue drills. Additionally, there are optional strength/conditioning sessions geared towards helping the enterprising rower achieve their goals for the following year: this includes younger varsity members chasing a P.R. or a seat in the 1v/2v, and college-bound rowers who want to make sure that they are able to be contributing members of their new team right away.

All that being said, summer is the most important season for our NOVICE SQUADS. The quiet calm of the lake in the mornings coupled with the lack of school, make for a perfect Summer Competitive Season environment in which to really pick up the sport of rowing and become a part of our team's fabric and culture. We do not have enough room on this page to fully extol on the virtues and benefits of rowing with us, so we will leave you with this: you (or your child, if you are a parent) will end your summer with us in the best shape of your life (assuming decent attendance), in the company of (quite possibly) your new best friends. What do you have to lose? Sign up today!

Success in rowing is achieved by combining technical instruction, skills improvement, and functional fitness. Our practices address all three components in a fast-paced, fun environment where a premium is placed on effort and accountability.

Our workouts consist of:
  • Instruction in rowing technique and racing skills
  • Cardiovascular work on Concept2 rowing machines
  • Core-specific strength and stability regimen
  • Customized strength and conditioning regimen per squad designed to
    • Prevent chronic injuries due to fatigue and overuse through cross-training methods
    • Increase strength in rowing-specific movements with age-appropriate equipment
    • Improve functional fitness via Crossfit principles
    • Increase power output through plyometrics and sprint training

Season Dates: June 10 - August 3

Varsity practice times:
Mon-Fri from 7 - 9am, Saturday 7 - 9 am, Bryant Lake/TCYR Boathouse. Each squad has two days per week at the boathouse.
Novice practice times:
Mon-Fri from 9:30 - 11:30am, Saturday 7 - 9am, Bryant Lake/TCYR Boathouse. Each squad has two days per week at the boathouse.

Regattas (optional but highly encouraged):

- Minnesota Sprints, Lake Nokomis, MN (6/15)
- Duluth International Regatta, Duluth, MN (7/12 - 7/13)
- North West International Rowing Association (NWIRA) Championship, Kenora, ON Canada (8/22 - 8/25)
*Additional registration and fee will be required.

To register for the competitive team, you must have completed 8th grade, or you will be 14 years old by 12/31/2019. If you have not participated in a previous 2019 competitive season, you must register for the 2019 Annual Membership AND the 2019 Summer Competitive Program. Please click on our Code of Conduct to review the team's expectations and review the Billing Policy prior to completing your registration.

Registration open through Friday June 1, 2019 @ 11:59 pm Central.
Sponsored by:
   Twin Cities Youth Rowing Club
Contact Info:
Description Fee Quantity
Rowing Programs
  1. Varsity Men - Pay in Full $550.00
  2. Varsity Men - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 6/14; $188 on 7/12 $188.00
  3. Returning Spring 2019 Novice Men - Pay in Full $550.00
  4. Returning Spring 2019 Novice Men - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 6/14; $188 on 7/12 $188.00
  5. New Summer 2019 Novice Men - Pay in Full $550.00
  6. New Summer 2019 Novice Men - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 6/14; $188 on 7/12 $188.00
Rowing Programs
  10. Returning Spring 2019 Novice Women - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 6/14; $188 on 7/12 $188.00
  11. New Summer 2019 Novice Women - Pay in Full $550.00
  12. New Summer 2019 Novice Women - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 6/14; $188 on 7/12 $188.00
  7. Varsity Women - Pay in Full $550.00
  8. Varsity Women - Payment Plan $188 now; $188 on 6/14; $188 on 7/12 $188.00
  9. Returning Spring 2019 Novice Women - Pay in Full $550.00




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