Newburgh Rowing Club - 2021 Winter and Yearly Kayak, Boat Space, and Equipment Rentals
Event Dates: 5/1/2020

Welcome to Newburgh Rowing Club's Winter and Yearly Kayak, Boat Space, and Equipment rental.

Important Information:
  • All rowers MUST be an Annual Member to sign up for a rental.
  • Boats will be locked outside of main boathouse for your access.
  • Special yearly space rental fee. $750 for yearly storage for your own unlimited shed storage section at boat house site January 1, 2021 to Dec 30 2021.
  • or $75 per month for shed section.
  • All shed sections are over 120 square feet storage area.
  • Three shed sections are available.
  • Special yearly boat or kayak spot rental fee indoors in main boat house January 1 until March 31, 3 months.
  • Outdoors April 1 to November 30, 8 months.
  • Indoor month of December 2021,1 month.
  • Total 12 months, $300 per boat.
  • or $30 monthly indoors w/ no access, or $35 monthly outdoors w/ unlimited access
  • All rentals will be on first come first served basis

  • Sponsored by:
       Newburgh Rowing Club
    Contact Info:
       P: (845) 541-2313
    Description Fee Quantity
    Mixed Rowing Programs
      Monthly Erg Rental $35.00
      Monthly Indoor Kayak Storage Rental $30.00
      Monthly Indoor Shell Storage Rental $30.00
      Monthly Outdoor Kayak Storage Rental $35.00
      Monthly Outdoor Shell Storage Rental $35.00
      Monthly Shed Section Rental $75.00
      Winter Erg Rental (January and February) $70.00
      Winter Kayak Storage Rental (January and February) $60.00
      Winter Shell Storage Rental (January and February) $60.00
      Yearly Kayak Storage Rental $300.00
      Yearly Shed Section Rental $750.00
      Yearly Shell Storage Rental $300.00




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