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Head of the Riverfront 2007 (0)
01a. Men's 1st College 8+
01b. Mens College Alumni 8+
01c. Women's 1st College 8+
01d. Womens College Alumni 8+
02a. Men's 1st Junior 8+
02b. Women's 1st Junior 8+
03a. Men's Master 8+ (21 and over)
03b. Women's Master 4+ (21 and over)
03c. Men's College Novice 4+
03d. Women's College Novice 4+
04a. Men's College Novice 8+
04b. Men's Junior Novice 8+
04c. Mixed Junior 8+
05a. Open Men 1x
05b. Master Men's 1x (21 and over)
05c. Junior Men's 1x
06a. Open Women 1x
06b. Master Women 1x (21 and over)
06c.Women's Junior 1x
07a. Novice Open Men's 1x
07b. Novice Master Men's 1x
07c. Novice Junior Men 1x
07d. Novice Open Women's 1x
07e. Novice Master Women's 1x
07f. Novice Junior Women's 1x
08a. Men's 2nd Junior 8+
08b. Women's 2nd Junior 8+
09a. Women's College Novice 8+
09b. Women's Junior Novice 8+
10a. Men's 2nd College 8+
10b. Women's 2nd College 8+
11a. Men's College 4+
11b. Women's College 4+
12a. Men's Junior 4+
12b. Women's Junior 4+
13a. Men's Master 4x (21 and over)
13b. Men's Junior 4x
13c. Women's Master 4x (21 and over)
13d. Women's Junior 4x
13e. Men's Open 2x
13f. Men's Master 2x (21 and over)
13g. Men's Junior 2x
13h. Women's Open 2x
13i. Women's Master 2x (21 and over)
13j. Women's Junior 2x
14a. Women's Master 8+ (21 and over)
14b. Mixed Master 8+ (21 and over)
14c. Men's Master 4+ (21 and over)
14d. Men's Master Novice 8+ (21 and over)
14e. Women's Master Novice 8+ (21 and over)
15. Adaptive Events


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