PrintHoward M. Smith Diamond State Masters Regatta - Affiliation View

AffiliationNameAgeLane / BowRaw TimeFinal TimeDifference
14. MEN'S D-J 4+ - HEAT 1
ST. ANDREW'S ALUMNI RACINGC ONE423:59:59.9923:59:59.99 

16. MEN'S A-C 8+ - HEAT 3
ST. ANDREW'S ALUMNI RACINGC TWO623:59:59.9923:59:49.39 

20. MIXED A-C 8+ - HEAT 4
ST. ANDREW'S ALUMNI RACINGR FIVE408:12:05.8208:12:05.82 

The cox's name is used for all boats larger than two persons. Otherwise, the person located in the first or second seat is used.