PrintOccoquan Chase 2015 - Affiliation View

AffiliationNameAgeLane / BowRaw TimeFinal TimeDifference
07C. JUNIOR MENS 2X - 12:00 PM - FINAL
PWCAN GOLDSBOROUGH1616121:06.5721:06.57 
PWCAC LEWIS1716621:58.1421:58.1451.57 (4.07%)
PWCAS FELDMANN1416423:44.8423:44.8402:38.26 (12.5%)

10A. OPEN MIXED 4X - 1:30 PM - FINAL
PWCAM MILLER1525821:24.7021:24.70 

The cox's name is used for all boats larger than two persons. Otherwise, the person located in the first or second seat is used.