PrintHoward M. Smith Diamond State Masters Regatta 2018 - Affiliation View

AffiliationNameAgeLane / BowRaw TimeFinal TimeDifference
01A. MEN'S E-J 1X - LTW - 8:30AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCS SCHMITT59404:48.7504:48.75 

01B. MEN'S E-J 1X - LTW - 8:37AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCN YOUNG71204:49.1504:00.75 

03A. WOMEN'S C-D 1X - 8:51AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCO HUXLEY48604:33.9904:22.99 

04A. WOMEN'S D-J 2X - LTW - 9:05AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCL PORTER63504:42.9604:14.96 

04B. WOMEN'S D-J 2X - LTW - 9:12AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCV BRYANT58205:00.4104:39.61 

05A. MEN'S F 1X - 9:19AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCW KOSTOFF62504:51.8604:51.86 

07A. MIXED AA-C 2X - 10:01AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCT WADDLE43404:04.1703:58.67 

07C. MIXED AA-J 2X - LTW - 10:15AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCE RYAN59204:44.5504:22.45 

08B. MEN'S G-J 1X - 10:29AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCN YOUNG71205:14.6104:26.21 

09A. MEN'S E 1X - 10:43AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCN HOLLAND58504:33.9804:33.98 
POTOMAC BCS SCHMITT59304:39.6204:39.6205.64 (2.06%)

10B. WOMEN'S E-J 1X - LTW - 11:11AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCL PORTER63305:51.3305:18.93 

14C. WOMEN'S E-J 2X - 12:00PM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCL PORTER63404:51.7304:23.73 

39A. MEN'S AA-A 4+ - 9:24AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCT DITTMER30503:26.4703:25.85 
POTOMAC BCE METZ23203:41.2903:41.2915.44 (7.5%)

44A. MEN'S B 4+ - 10:20AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCJ SANDBERG36403:44.4703:44.47 

44B. MEN'S B 4+ - 10:27AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCN ORSOLINI36203:33.8703:33.87 

48A. MEN'S AA-B 8+ - 11:16AM - FINAL
POTOMAC BCM GOOHS27503:09.9503:09.95 
POTOMAC BCG BUTCHER31203:20.4103:20.4110.46 (5.51%)

The cox's name is used for all boats larger than two persons. Otherwise, the person located in the first or second seat is used.