PrintHoward M. Smith Diamond State Masters Regatta 2018 - Affiliation View

AffiliationNameAgeLane / BowRaw TimeFinal TimeDifference
03A. WOMEN'S C-D 1X - 8:51AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSJ MCENERY47205:38.6005:28.60 

04A. WOMEN'S D-J 2X - LTW - 9:05AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSC COLE60304:43.6704:20.17 

05B. MEN'S F 1X - 9:26AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSD MCELRATH63105:10.3405:10.34 

05C. MEN'S F 1X - 9:33AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSM ARNOLD60204:42.3504:42.35 

06A. WOMEN'S E-J 1X - 9:40AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSC BERARD 55206:07.5906:07.59 

06B. WOMEN'S E-J 1X - 9:47AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSC COLE62505:10.3805:10.38 
WASHINGTON RSP JACKMAN63105:46.9905:46.9936.61 (11.8%)

08C. MEN'S G-J 1X - 10:36AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSJ CURRAN75505:36.3504:38.75 

09B. MEN'S E 1X - 10:50AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSD WEITZNER55406:58.2906:58.29 

10A. WOMEN'S E-J 1X - LTW - 11:04AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSL ARNOLD59505:35.9305:35.93 

10B. WOMEN'S E-J 1X - LTW - 11:11AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSC COLE62405:27.8004:56.48 

14A. WOMEN'S E-J 2X - 11:46AM - FINAL
WASHINGTON RSJ MCENERY55405:26.9605:26.96 

The cox's name is used for all boats larger than two persons. Otherwise, the person located in the first or second seat is used.