Head of the Riverfront 2021
Event Dates: 10/3/2021
2021 Head of the Riverfront Regatta

The regatta is Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Head of the Riverfront is a USRowing Registered Regatta. Every USRowing-sanctioned event is led by a jury of USRowing-trained and certified officials, and registration with USRowing designates the regatta as a nationally recognized safe and fair event.

UPDATED FOR 2021: Safety remains a top priority, and the Head of the Riverfront organizers have reviewed current COVID guidance and regulations from the State of Connecticut, the City of Hartford, USRowing, and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference. Recognizing that this guidance is subject to change, the following best practices have been established as a baseline for the 2021 Head of the Riverfront. Each registered participant and attendee is encouraged to follow any additional protocols for sanitizing, face coverings, and distancing that allow them to participate in the event in a way that is enjoyable and maximizes their safety and the safety and health of all. Please do not place our volunteers and race personnel in the position of having to remind people to be respectful.

USRowing's Medical Commission is encouraging all members to get vaccinated as soon as possible in order to protect each other as we can get back to usual boathouse activity and return to large-scale regattas. Note that the The Connecticut Interscholastic Conference 2021 Fall Sports COVID-19 Guidance August 12, 2021: Vaccination Joint Statement Issued by CT DPH (July 20, 2021) states, "The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH), the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), and many youth sports organizations in our state are joining together in this message to encourage interscholastic Athletic Directors and other youth athletic team administrators to help all of their athletes 12 years and older stay on the field and in the classroom this fall by helping them get vaccinated."

If you are feeling unwell or have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19, do not come to the regatta! If you have been notified that you are to be quarantined due to potential COVID exposure, honor that and do not attend the Head of the Riverfront.

The Head of the Riverfront is confident that the majority of those participating in the 2021 regatta have followed the recommendations of public health officials. We ask that everyone establishes a respectful physical distance between themselves and our volunteers, the race officials, and participants from other schools and clubs. If you are interacting directly with volunteers, race officials, or Riverfront Recapture staff we ask that you wear a mask (whether indoors or outside). Examples would include crews interacting with dock control, coaches picking up race packets, or athletes claiming medals. Masking is mandatory in indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status, per the City of Hartford.

The Head of the Riverfront will be putting additional space between trailers to the best of our ability and the constraints of the venue. We have no doubts that participants will be considerate of others as they rig their equipment and move around the venue. Coaches and athletes should be aware that in an effort to create a responsible distance between crews in the queue to the dock or other traditionally congested areas that additional time should be planned to ensure delays are minimized. Cooperation with these basic health and safety guidelines will allow us all to enjoy a full slate of competitive events and welcome the support and encouragement of families and supporters.

Riverfront Recapture is a private, non-profit organization leading the effort to reconnect metropolitan Hartford with the Connecticut River by providing access to four Riverfront parks in Hartford and East Hartford. Each year, beginning in 1998, we host a head style regatta offering competition on the Connecticut River for high school, collegiate, and masters rowers.

Our Venues
Notice: The City of Hartford stringently enforces regulations regarding the set up of tents, cooking grills, and the permitting and inspection process for such structures. As a result, to comply with the direction from the Fire Prevention Chief/Fire Marshal for the City of Hartford, only tents that are rented from and provided by the Riverfront Recapture and have been assured to meet the regulations may be used. Teams must register and submit payment for tents through the regatta tent registration process: no team-provided tents will be allowed to set up. Teams may bring their grills, warming tables, etc, but these must only be operated in the designated space adjacent to, but not underneath, their tents assigned to each organization. Riverfront Recapture will obtain the necessary permits for these uses. Assignment of spaces will be made on a first-come, first serve basis.

Coaches: Please review the rules and eligibility clarification below. Each year we're asked by coaches about the standard policy of requiring no "Second/JV" boats be entered without an accompanying First/varsity entry. While we try to review entries as they come in, the sometimes staggered entry process and occasional "moves" of entries from one category to another make it difficult to entirely regulate this eligibility criteria, and we rely on the diligence of the coaches to honor the standard.

The High School Races in Head of the Riverfront are divided into 1st Junior, 2nd Junior and Novice categories. The 1st Junior races are intended for high-school rowers and scullers whose coaches deem them to be of varsity standard. The 2nd Junior races are intended to provide an appropriate competitive opportunity for high school rowers whose coaches deem them not yet to be of true Varsity standard, but who are above Novice standard. Accordingly, no high school program may enter a boat in any of these 2nd Junior events unless it has also entered at least one boat - its presumed first and fastest boat - in the applicable 1st Junior event. The Novice races are for rowers who are in their first calendar year of competitive rowing by type, i.e., sweeping or sculling, having begun rowing no earlier than June of the same year as the regatta. Experience in sculling events does not count as experience in sweep events and vice versa.

Questions welcome: Contact Regatta Deputy Director Gretchen Gregg 860.841.7952 or regatta@riverfront.org
Description Fee Quantity
Mixed 2x
  21a. Mixed Open 2x - 1:00PM (No Junior Rowers) $80.00
  21b. Mixed Masters 2x - 1:05PM $80.00
  21c. Parent/Child 2x - 1:10PM $80.00
Mixed 8+
  33. Mixed Open 8+ - 3:50PM (No Junior Rowers) $150.00
  34. Mixed Junior 8+ - 4:00PM $150.00
Men's 1x
  03a. Men's Junior 1x - 9:00AM $55.00
  03b. Men's Open 1x - 9:10AM (No Junior Rowers) $55.00
  09a. Master Men 1x (27 - 39) - 10:10AM $55.00
  09b. Senior-Master Men 1x (40 -49) - 10:10AM $55.00
  09c. Grand-Master Men 1x (50 - 59) - 10:10AM $55.00
  09d. Veteran Men 1x (60 - 69) - 10:15AM $55.00
  09e. Senior-Veteran Men 1x (70+) - 10:15AM $55.00
  11a. Novice Junior Men's 1x - 10:30AM $55.00
  11c. Novice Open Men's 1x - 10:35AM (No Junior Rowers) $55.00
  11d. Novice Master Men's 1x (27+) - 10:35AM $55.00
Men's 2x
  16. Men's Junior 2x - 11:35AM $80.00
  20a. Men's Open 2x - 12:50PM (No Junior Rowers) $80.00
  20b. Men's Master 2x - 12:55PM $80.00
Men's 4+
  01. Men's 1st Junior 4+ - 8:30AM $110.00
  07. Men's Master 4+ - 10:00AM $110.00
  12. Men's 2nd Junior 4+ - 10:55AM $110.00
  15a. Men's Open Novice 4+ - 11:25AM (No Junior Rowers) $110.00
  24a. Men's Open 4+ - 1:45PM (No Junior Rowers) $110.00
  31a. Men's Novice Junior 4+ - 3:30PM $110.00
Men's 4x
  25a. Men's Junior 4x - 2:00PM $110.00
  27a. Open Mens 4x - 2:30PM (No Junior Rowers) $110.00
  27b. Mens Master 4x - 2:35PM $110.00
  30a. Men's Junior Novice 4x - 3:15PM $110.00
Men's 8+
  04. Men's Open 8+ - 9:25AM (No Junior Rowers) $150.00
  13a. Men's Open Novice 8+ - 11:05AM (No Junior Rowers) $150.00
  14. Men's 2nd Junior 8+ - 11:10AM $150.00
  19a. Men's Masters 8+ - 12:30PM $150.00
  29. Men's 1st Junior 8+ - 3:00PM $150.00
  32a. Men's College Alumni 8+ - 3:45PM (Free!)  
  35a. Men's Junior Novice 8+ - 4:10PM $150.00
Women's 1x
  02a. Women's Junior 1x - 8:45AM $55.00
  02b. Women's Open 1x - 8:50AM (No Junior Rowers) $55.00
  10a. Master Women 1x (27 - 39) - 10:20AM $55.00
  10b. Senior-Master Women 1x (40 - 49) - 10:20AM $55.00
  10c. Grand-Master Women 1x (50 - 59) - 10:20AM $55.00
  10d. Veteran Women 1x (60 - 69) - 10:25AM $55.00
  10e. Senior-Veteran Women 1x (70+) - 10:25AM $55.00
  11b. Novice Junior Women's 1x - 10:30AM $55.00
  11e. Novice Open Women's 1x - 10:40AM (No Junior Rowers) $55.00
  11f. Novice Master Women's 1x (27+) - 10:40AM $55.00
Women's 2x
  17. Women's Junior 2x - 11:45AM $80.00
  22a. Women's Open 2x - 1:15PM (No Junior Rowers) $80.00
  22b. Women's Master 2x - 1:20PM $80.00
Women's 4+
  06. Women's 1st Junior 4+ - 9:45AM $110.00
  08. Women's Master 4+ - 10:05AM $110.00
  15b. Women's Open Novice 4+ - 11:30AM (No Junior Rowers) $110.00
  24b. Women's Open 4+ - 1:50PM (No Junior Rowers) $110.00
  26. Women's 2nd Junior 4+ - 2:20PM $110.00
  31b. Women's Novice Junior 4+ - 3:35PM $110.00
Women's 4x
  25b. Women's Junior 4x - 2:10PM $110.00
  28a. Open Womens 4x - 2:40PM (No Junior Rowers) $110.00
  28b. Womens Master 4x - 2:45PM $110.00
  30b. Women's Junior Novice 4x - 3:20PM $110.00
Women's 8+
  05. Women's Open 8+ - 9:35AM (No Junior Rowers) $150.00
  13b. Women's Open Novice 8+ - 11:05AM (No Junior Rowers) $150.00
  18. Women's 2nd Junior 8+ - 12:00PM $150.00
  19b. Women's Master 8+ - 12:40PM $150.00
  23. Women's 1st Junior 8+ - 1:30PM $150.00
  32b. Women's College Alumni 8+ - 3:45PM (Free!)  
  35b. Women's Junior Novice 8+ - 4:20PM $150.00




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