Twin Cities Youth Rowing - 2022 Summer Program
Event Dates: 6/6/2022

Membership dues and regatta fees are non-refundable. All other program fees (e.g. the seasonal youth competitive team, adult programming, and youth camps) are refundable up to two weeks in advance of the start of the program, less all applicable transaction and processing fees (approx. 8-10%). As per TCYRC ByLaws- Section 4. Good Standing. Members must not be overdue in payment of dues, program fees, or reimbursement of expenses to TCYR, have a current USRowing waiver on file, and have confirmed their swimming ability in accordance with the current TCYR Safety Manual. Membership will be terminated for those who are not in “good standing “for more than 30 days. Members who are terminated for good standing violation may return the following year as Members after they pay past due amounts and the current year’s membership in full.




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