Our Goal

Our goal is to always treat you with respect and provide you with the best support possible. Without you, our business cannot work. If we miss the mark or make a mistake while supporting you, we will do our best to make it right. If you have a way we can better our service or improve our product, please let us know. You are our most important asset and we truly appreciate your patronage and loyalty!

Our Background

We love event management. We love managing information.

Put these together and you get RONIN Registration, a truly customized event registration site that is easy to use, costs literally pennies on each dollar you collect and packed with great tools to help run your event.

Since 2004, we have managed thousands of individual events, programs and camps throughout North America. All of our employees have a background in the sports we support. With over 20 years of experience in database development and event management, we understand the science of how an event should be managed.

Where are we located?

RONIN Registration is located right outside of Washington DC in Northern Virginia. We manage and operate event and programs throughout the United States and Canada.

Do you like challenges? Do you love outdoor activities? Are you looking for a career with purpose? We are always looking for great candidates at Recruiting@roninregistration.com.